Positive Collaborations With Ackermans & The Unlimited Child

In December 2017, engagement meetings held with Ackermans CSI Division – in preparation for their relocation to Hammarsdale in mid-2018 – has resulted in Ackermans making an investment of R250 000.00 in the DoMore4Hammarsdale project. Such investments have been made in order to have visible impact in the hammarsdale area as most of Ackermans labour will be drawn locally.  This funding is aligned with early childhood development in their efforts to improve the nutritional status of children between the ages of 0 – 5 years old.

The funds secured by the DO MORE FOUNDATION, as the custodian, will be used to set up several gardens at eleven of The Unlimited Child Early Childhood Development Centres in Hammarsdale that met the criteria of land availability; adequate fencing and security; water access; as well as the appointment of a permanent gardener. In order to ensure the sustainability and maintenance of these gardens, Lima has trained the permanent gardeners in organic farming best practice methods and will be providing them with mentorship and support over a period of 12 months commencing from March 2018.

A total 95% of the produce is for consumption of children at the early childhood development centre and the 5% surplus will be sold in order to help the centre to be self-sustainable once the funding ends.

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