The Leave No Young Child Behind (LNYCB) initiative aims to drive a significant improvement in the well-being of young children in Nkomazi, particularly Wards 16 and 19, which were identified by government’s Comprehensive Rural Development Programme as being areas where communities needed focused intervention and support. In such resource-poor communities, it is often challenging for young children to access the varied essential ECD services at the levels of quality that address their developmental rights and needs. . This compromises young children’s ability to reach their potential and escape the cycle of poverty.  In December 2015, the South African Cabinet approved a National Integrated ECD Policy that recognizes early childhood development as a universal right and a public good. It is based on conclusive evidence that the early years are critically important for the development of individual potential as well as forming the foundation of human capital development for a winning nation. This policy envisages that every child will have access to a comprehensive basket of quality services that cover health, nutrition, early learning, parent support and child protection amongst other things to ensure they get the best possible start in life.

The Leave No Young Child Behind initiative is an attempt to make this ECD Policy a reality for real children in real families and communities and to do this through a collaborative partnership that includes varied government departments, business, communities, municipality and civil society.This newsletter aims to provide you with various updates on the achievements to date in line with the following focus areas;

  1. Maternal Health services
  2. Child Health services
  3. Stimulation and Early Learning
  4. Parent Support and early stimulation in first 1000 days through home visiting
  5. Parental and Caregiver Support
  6. Prevention and early intervention services for the protection of young children
  7. Infrastructure and Services for Early Childhood Development (ECD)
  8. Collaborative Partnership


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