Worcester newsletter: Wonderbag – Building opportunities for small enterprise development

The DO MORE FOUNDATION entered into an agreement with the Wonderbag Company to supply Wonderbags to ECD practitioners. This wonderful resource frees up time and as a consequence allow users to spend more time on other tasks including playing with their young children. With children that were very much dependent on parent support during school closures, the time traditionally used for cooking of food could now be allocated to supporting young children. The organization piloted this initiative with 72 principals and play group coordinators as well as Flourish hosts in Worcester, providing them with the Wonderbag, chicken as well as some vegetables to test the effectiveness of the bag and assess whether they will, based on their own experiences be able to market and sell the bags for an extra income for themselves and ECD centres.

After the overwhelmingly positive response, 1184 Wonderbags were made available to principals that enabled them to start small enterprises. This was done with the agreement that ECD principals, who are the primary beneficiaries of the bags, collect data in respect of traditional energy consumption and costs in the community that will enable the company to track and demonstrate the potential positive environmental and financial impact of the use of Wonderbags over time. Although there were challenges with data collection for a number of reasons including limited resources, more than 30 practitioners have shown great commitment to make this enterprise work. The following feedback from ECD principal Chanel February demonstrates the short-term positive impact of the Wonderbag.  

I just want to say a huge thank you to (the) Wonderbag (company) and the Do More Foundation for the wonderful Wonderbags. It has changed my life and I know so many other lives too. Selling the Wonderbags helped me in various ways, for instance I could fix equipment at the centre and help my teachers financially through this pandemic. The people I sold the Wonderbags to were very excited and couldn’t believe the price they could get it for. I was sold out on Wonderbags before it even arrived. I told people to follow Wonderbag on Instagram and to like their page on facebook. This made them even more excited that they even started to google videos and send it to me. I quote a message that one of the people send to me,:”Chanel, my susters is mal oor hulle sakke”. (Meaning: Chanel, my sisters are crazy about their bags).  For myself I did not use the Wonderbag for cooking but used it once to help me keep the food warm when we made food for the community and it worked like a “bomb”. The feedback I received from the people I sold the Wonderbags to is excellent!  It saves them time, energy and loads of electricity!“ – Chanel February from Lollos en Lettie

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