Worcester newsletter: Ease hunger programme

One of the challenges presented during lockdown, was the issue of child hunger and child nutrition. Children in vulnerable communities often get their one substantial meal for the day at ECD facilities, and with the closure of the centres, these meals were not available to them. The DO MORE FOUNDATION worked with various organizations to ensure that there was some continuity in feeding children, and reached approximately 1800 families via ECD centres and another 900 individuals through soup kitchens on a regular basis throughout the lockdown period.

Porridge was provided on an on-going basis whilst eggs and chicken were donated by RCL Foods to supplement meals. In honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela, more than 30 628 meals were provided over one week, culminating on Mandela day on the 18th of July 2020. More than 30 soup kitchens were involved in supporting this initiative.

One of the core lessons learnt during lockdown in the context of food provision was the amazing local agency that exists within communities. The tremendous care and goodwill that existed was quite amazing to see in the number of community-based organizations and individuals that went the extra mile to ensure that food are secured and distributed to the most vulnerable.  In this respect, the Do More Foundation want to acknowledge the unwavering support of Linda Groenewald and her team from Bollieland who went beyond the call of duty to coordinate resource distribution in Worcester and beyond. The support of Masiphatisane chairperson Nobanzi Ndamoyi (Zanokhanyo ECD centre), Brenda Siko (Sinethemba Educare) and Asanda Siko (Siphumele Educare) for coordinating the distribution of food and resources in Zwelethemba is also highly appreciated. Two NGOs in Worcester who also managed soup kitchens during the Covid period, Women of Hope and YWAM also did great in supporting our community feeding efforts.  Furthermore a big thanks to the Community Work Programme participants who supported efforts even when they did not have to.

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