Letter of support: Mzansi Edge expedition with Kingsley Holgate

2020 has been a rough year as we have witnessed the global pandemic change almost every aspect of our daily lives. This time will forever be remembered as a time of frustration, loss, change, panic and pivoting.

By working with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation and supporting the Mzansi Edge expedition around the borders of our beautiful country, we believe we can help change the narrative to “2020 – a year of hope, opportunity and adventure”

The DO MORE FOUNDATION’s vision is to “create better tomorrows for the young children of South Africa” and we believe this aligns perfectly with the intention of this expedition – we wish to raise the profile of Early Childhood Development in SA and we will be doing this in partnership with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation in 3 ways:

FIRSTLY: To showcase the impoverished environments in which our young children are raised as seen by the remote communities that the expedition will be visiting and the ECD centres within these communities juxtaposed by the absolute beauty of our country

SECONDLY: To highlight how our young children are suffering as a result of the severe hunger situation that has been exacerbated by COVID-19 (DO MORE porridge providing much needed hunger relief)

FACT:  2.5 million young children in SA are living below the food poverty line. This means that these children are in households where there is not enough money to cover even basic nutritional needs.

THIRDLY: To raise the importance of early learning and cognitive stimulation for our young children (DO MORE will be providing cognitive material for distribution)

FACT:  With 90% of brain growth taking place before the age of five, early childhood is the most important phase of human development

An unacceptable 27% of young children in South Africa are stunted due to factors such as inadequate nutrition, poor access to early learning stimulation, poor health and social services. 

We believe that through this adventure with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation, we will be able to shed a spotlight on these pertinent issues; show these terrifying facts as they appear in these remote areas along the edge of South Africa; capture the stories of our vulnerable young children and their communities; but above all portray the abundant opportunities and possibilities that we have in our exceptionally beautiful country to change this narrative and to disrupt the cycle of poverty so that we can change things for young children and the future trajectory of our country.

If you help us #DoMore for the young children of South Africa, you can contribute to the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s World Food Day #2020Challenge and contribute R20 per month for 20 months as we aim to be able to feed 20,000 children every school day for 20 months.

In the true spirit of UBUNTU we need you to #DoMore as we travel the edge of Mzansi Edge in partnership with the Kingsley Holgate Foundation.

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