Worcester newsletter: Media and communications

Bigger than me

The Do More Foundation received an incredible opportunity to have some of its interventions in Worcester recorded and shared on social platforms Facebook and Instagram. This was done through narratives of local ECD leadership. Collectively the four leaders invited to do the interviews have an ECD track record of more than 70 years as practitioners. They also serve communities in diverse geographical and social settings.

Their voices are therefore very distinctive -even though they share many common experiences. Most of these principals have been extremely instrumental during the COVID-19 period in serving their communities through local distribution of support materials that  include food products and learning materials. They also assisted to digitally share learning material with parents to constructively and creatively engage their children during the lockdown period.

Bigger than Me is “a creative social change agency”, doing amazing work in the context of conceptual design, storytelling, social change workshops and impact events amongst others. This social enterprise has done work with The Learning Trust, The Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, CIPLA and Operation Smile. Greg Viljoen, the CEO of the enterprise spent one day in Worcester recording the stories of the four principals of Bollieland, Haasdas, Zanokhanyo and Sinethemba. This was edited into lovely short productions and posted on Facebook and Instagram. In addition to sharing ECD experiences, the videos also serves as a tool for advocacy in support of ECD programmes around the country

Valley FM: Love, Play, Talk Programme

The Do More Foundation is sponsoring a radio slot on the community radio station, Valley FM called Love, Play, Talk which specifically introduces topics for parents and practitioners on better equipping them to engage more consciously with children to enable better relationships and also support children’s learning through play. The presenter of the Love, Play and Talk programme, Catherine Wiese indicated that they had very good feedback on the LPT programme.

Some of the topics that were covered during the COVID-19 period were amongst others storytelling, the importance of fathers in child development, positive discipline, advice for when your child is sick with diarrhea, spending time with your child during COViD-19 and child readiness for Grade 1.

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