Mzansi Edge “ECD Talks” (talk 6) with Renee Lighton

Now as you all know Kingsley and team are distributing high quality early learning materials along the journey. This is to stress the importance of early learning and provide them with stimulating games and activities that they can play with their children whilst hey await the reopening of ECD Centres in their village. Many parents and practitioners are loving the early learning material handing out but they do not always have access to these types of materials.

Here we are talking to a long term partner of the DO MORE FOUNDATION – Renee Lighton around the importance of play and the ease at which one can play with your children using almost anything in arms reach.

Renee Lighton is an early childhood educator, education consultant, parent educator, speaker, life coach and author. Her qualifications include a BA and Diplomas in Specialized Education; Foundation Phase and Montessori Pre-Primary education. She is best known for her interactive workshops, where she invites parents and educators to look at their everyday household items, in new and creative ways. Her Let’s Get Ready series books support and extend the ideas shared in these workshops. Not sure if you want to add this? – up to you! (Renee delights in variety and offers her clients workshops ,coaching and programmes to suit their specific needs whether in education or in their personal development and transformation journey.) Visit her website for more information:

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