Mzansi Edge “ECD Talks” (talk 8) with Thandeka Rantsi

Some interesting feedback from the Mzansi Edge expedition team is the alarming number of ECD Centres that appear to have shut their doors completely with a large percentage being vandalised and looted over the past few months. In this episode of Mzansi Edge “ECD talks” we are talking to the amazing Thandeka Rantsi – ECD Project Manager at Bridge – to uncover why this is the case and what it means for the young children and parents that we serve in South Africa.


Thandeka Rantsi is the ECD Project Manager at BRIDGE and her role includes managing the ECD Community of Practice,  strategic stakeholder engagements and  overseeing ECD related products and projects. Thandeka worked very briefly as an academic and then went into corporate social investments managing ECD and Tertiary Education Programmes. Thandeka is passionate about the provision of education to vulnerable and financially disadvantaged people, particularly children and youth.

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