EAT LOVE PLAY TALK: Overview & update

  • EAT LOVE PLAY TALK is a community-based programme that packages public health messaging in an interactive and non-didactic way to empower caregivers/parents around making small habit changes and healthier nutrition choices for their young children and families
  • Research provides evidence that parent education delivered by local facilitators in community-based programmes can be implemented with great success (Baker, 2014; Carter, 1996, in Samuelson, 2009:6). Recent developments in the field of parent education programmes is the inclusion of local parents or practitioners as group programme facilitators in community settings (Day et al.,2012; Ronaasen, Steenkamp, Williams, Finnemore & Feeley, 2021).
  • Working hand in hand with Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres, ECD workers are trained on key messaging and facilitation skills to bring this programme to the caregivers/parents of the young children attending their Centre.
  • Taking into consideration the constraints of the target population, this programme is filled with clever and colourful idea’s to bring about more Eating, Loving, Playing and Talking in South African homes where young children live.
  • This is possible through growing partnerships as we embark on the first pilot of this programme.


Facilitator guide and session guides

Caregiver playbooks

Supportive Master training video’s

Presentation and overview

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