The DO MORE FOUNDATION inspires collaborative partnerships to “create better tomorrows” for the young children of South Africa.  The Foundation places the young child at the centre of our programmes and initiatives with the belief that if you can impact and uplift the life of a young child, you will in turn impact the household which will ultimately positively affect the community.   Households and communities are therefore seen as our key developmental partners as we increase their capacity to better meet the needs of young children through projects directed at food security, youth development, economic development as well as specific early childhood development initiatives. 

The Foundation’s approach to sustaining change and maximising project potential is by acting as a catalyst for the public, private and NGO sectors to come together under one vision and guide the combined activities to effect change for young children and the communities in which they live – acting as a “backbone” organisation.  This approach is supported by the credibility, networks and relationships that we leverage in order to advocate, raise awareness, organise and inspire.