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At the DO MORE FOUNDATION, we want to make sure that you, as caregivers, feel supported in your efforts to raise strong and healthy children. Thanks to the hard work of the ECD sector, there are thousands of resources available to assist you in your journey. To make your life a little easier, we have created this one stop shop of resources for you to use for free.

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SESSION 1: Parenting during Covid-19

SESSION 2: How we deal with little ones “testing the boundaries”

SESSION 3: Help keep toddlers busy while working from home

SESSION 4: How to remain cool and calm with a five year old

SESSION 5: Helping teens adjust to the return to school (anxiety)








Open access to picture storybooks in the languages of Africa. For children’s literacy, enjoyment and imagination

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Children are born with a natural ability to play. It’s nature’s way of ensuring they learn and develop.

Working with parents, communities, government and children, A Chance to Play promotes the critical benefits of and enables play through advocacy, training, community play forums and play champions. Check out there free resources by clicking the button above

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Access a range of home learning activities and tips for keeping children safe during the #lockdown by visiting the SmartStart datafree website. You do not need data or airtime to access or download from these pages

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Get parenting tips and activities, personalised for you and your 0-5 year old, on your smart phone.

The EasyPeasy app brings together a range of ideas, advice, and inspiration from a global community of parents, experts, and your favourite early years brands. This app is designed to help you create the playful, positive connections that will help your child grow and thrive, with everyday materials that you’ll already have access to at home.

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Access ELRU’s awesome collection of free downloadable message cards and stimulation activities for young children between 0 – 6 years old. These curriculum resources for caregivers cover various themes and are divided by age and stage too!

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The Grow Great Campaign’s resource hub is the place to visit if you are looking for the latest research in the childhood nutrition landscape. From breastfeeding to the magical benefits of an ordinary egg – these brochures are simple to understand and get straight to the point.

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Lego Foundation has put together a wide range of educational and fun activities for children of various ages. This include activity ideas focused on the outdoors, imagination, problem solving, DIY, indoor play ideas, memory games and loads more! These resources are updated often and keep children active, engaged and learning.

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Messages for Mothers (M4M) is a growing collective of professionals who have rallied together to support mothers in South Africa during Covid19 by providing answers to many burning questions and useful resources to help your family thrive. Click on the button above to join the community of mothers through social media and WhatsApp.

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Using wordless picture books with your child creates a special kind of interaction. It is not simply ‘reading’ to a child who listens passively – instead, it is an active exchange, led by the child, and supported by you (the adult) who is attentive to their interests and communication.

This enjoyable and simple activity has been proven to improve children’s language and cognitive development, and help children understand and get along with other people better.

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Jump into Mogau’s Kingdom and meet colourful characters from an array Book Dash’s free online library of African storybooks, brought to life to go on an adventure with you!

Mogau’s Kingdom is a free edutainment game available in all 11 official South African languages. The app will help your child fall in love with reading, and then give them access to a library of over 160 free African picturebooks that will support children to build confidence and reading skills even before school.

Books are more than words and pictures on paper; they are a representation of different worlds. Mogau’s Kingdom shares this amazing, adventurous, imaginative world with children, to get them excited about the world of Book Dash’s free books.

MomConnect provides pregnant women and caregivers with useful SMS’s or Whatsapps on the developments of their children under two years. These great tips are created with the help of content expert BabyCenter and aligned to National Department of Health communication.

MomConnect is completely free to use.

Sign up by dialing 134550# on your cellphone

Looking for a “data-friendly” way of reading books with your little one? NaliBali has created a Whatsapp Chatbot for exactly that! Access exciting NaliBali stories in four languages by Whatsapping the word “stories” to 060 044 2254.

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Access the awesome Canadian website called Nobody’s Perfect to access tip sheet that are full of information and activities for you and your young children. These cover various useful topics including:

  • Keeping your children Safety Tip Sheets
  • Taking care of yourself as a Parent Tip Sheets
  • Keeping your child healthy Body Tip Sheets
  • Ways to guide your child’s Behaviour Tip Sheets
  • Building your child’s brain Mind Tip Sheets

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Looking for exciting group games to play with young children? Ntataise have put together a great selection of easy instructional videos to show you what’s possible! This includes the touch colours game, the 5 fat sausages game and loads more.

* This website is NOT datafree

Access a range of home learning activities and tips for keeping children safe during the #lockdown by visiting the SmartStart datafree website. You do not need data or airtime to access or download from these pages.

* This website is datafree

Takalani Sesame’s website has content that you can use to spark playful learning, offer comfort to children, and to focus a bit on yourself as a caregiver, too. Visit the resources page to learn, play, and breathe deeply together with your family.

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This site provides unique resources that enable children to gain practical skills while having fun through stories and experiential activities.

* This website is datafree. All major South African networks offer free access to Thanda’s Creative Learning site.

The Tinkergarten website is filled with exciting ideas to get outside and make the most out of your kids’ early learning years. Designed by education experts and loved by busy families, these creative (and simple) outdoor play ideas are helping raise healthy, confident, and capable kids across the globe.

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Check out Wordworks central repository of fun, interactive games focusing on language and early literacy. This website is data free as well – click the button below to browse other play ideas in four languages (English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, isiZulu)

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