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Every year, the DO MORE FOUNDATION facilitates two massive annual campaigns that harnesses the power of collective action for good. In July each year, we work with DO MORE Hero’s across the country to host Mandela Day events at their local ECD Centres. It is during these events that volunteers gather to help out the centre with small infrastructural upgrades, activities with the children and general donations that the team have put together that include playful resources and games. This is followed by our World Food Day campaign every October where we seek to raise awareness around humanitarian hunger and malnutrition. Working together with our DO MORE Hero’s, fellow businesses, and non-profit organisations. It is during these events that we seek to implement our ECD Nutrition Hub concept through the provision of food gardens at ECD centres and nutrition training and resources to support ECD staff in providing young children with healthy meals that build their body and brains. If you would like to join one of our annual campaigns, either as a business or volunteer, please contact us and we will keep you in the loop!


Our Foundation is a proud member of Real Reform for Early Childhood Development (#RR4ECD) - a democratic movement advocating for holistic, well-funded, inclusive and quality early childhood development services for all children. #RR4ECD’s focus is to ensure an enabling legal, policy and regulatory environment for the provision and expansion of ECD services. Our specific role as the DO MORE FOUNDATION in this movement has been to mobilise and support our ECD colleagues (being ECD principals and practitioners in the community in which we work) and provide them with a platform for debate and discussion.

A key reason for our involvement to this end is because of the close relationships we hold with ECD stakeholders “on the ground” and the platforms, such as a Young Child Forums, that we make available for important discussions at local level. During these opportunities for engagement, we make it easy for our ECD stakeholders to understand the critical policy and legal issues that underpin the way they work. This also involves providing them with the tool to have a strong unified voice so they can make their demands to government at all levels. This is about empowering them and giving them the opportunity to make their voices heard in a way that government will listen. Access to legal and policy experts through #RR4ECD help construct these messages in a way that make sense for government at all levels.


The DO MORE FOUNDATION has partnered with the Gabrielle Faickney Charitable Trust in order to support animal interest projects – through monthly food donations – across the country, including:

  • Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Hammarsdale (protecting and caring for animals in Hammarsdale and the surrounding community)
  • Greyhound Welfare SA in Gauteng (helps to facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused, neglected, abandoned and confiscated greyhounds)
  • Funda Nenja
  • People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals in Soweto (treating and caring for sick and injured animals)
  • Feral Cat Rescue
  • Woodrock Animal Rescue in Gauteng (one of the oldest independent non profit domestic animal rescue centres in South Africa – their ethos is education and sterilization)
  • The Underdog Project in Hout Bay and De Doorns (This programme is mutually beneficial to two vulnerable groups (children and animals) as we teach empathy and various life skills to underprivileged children while bringing joy to troubled dogs
  • Dassenberg Rescue Centre in Western Cape (They fight against animal abuse, specializing in before and after stories – stories that revolve around the efforts of incredible people, animal people)
  • Tom Ro Haven is a registered NPO which rescues abused and neglected horses and ponies and rehabilitates them at their premises in Noordhoek, Cape Town. The horses and ponies at the Haven are then used in equine assisted therapy programmes, focusing on children and young adults deemed to be at risk, or who have suffered from physical or emotional trauma
  • SARDA Durban provides free therapeutic horse riding to organisations, for children with special needs, from various schools in the greater Durban area. This provides a unique experience for children with special needs to have fun, enjoy themselves and improve their way of life through ”Therapy in Motion”
The DO MORE FOUNDATION has partnered with Bonhappi-T and together with the Gabrielle Faikney Charitble Trust support their projects which includes:
  • Project Dog in Durban (works with a network of foster homes for abandoned or abused animals with a focus onsterilization). Visit the Project Dog Facebook Page
  • KZN Valley Dogs in Durban (feed dogs in low income rural areas of KZN). Find out more via their Facebook Page
  • Inanda Dog Project in Durban (rescues and feeds animals in the Inanda and Embo valleys)
The DO MORE FOUNDATION has partnered with Catmor to provide animal welfare organisations across four provinces with ongoing monthly cat food donations to meet their feeding needs. Such organisations include:
  • Woodrock Animal Rescue in Hartebeespoort (Gauteng)
  • TEARS animal rescue in Cape Peninsula (Western Cape)
  • Animal Anti-Cruelty League in Hammarsdale (Kwazulu-Natal)
  • Save-A-Pet in Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)
  • Feeding the Furballs in Durban (Kwazulu-Natal)

Current partners