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07 May 2023
#DoMore4Pongola newsletter: May 2023

It is always a pleasure to update you on our work to improve the lives of young children in uPhongolo, & especially so when there are important developments underway. In this newsletter we share the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s model for delivering a broad basket of services to young children in areas across South Africa where RCL FOODS operates. This approach aims to support not only individual ECD centres, but to bring about change that will improve the whole system in which young children live, learn, and grow.

26 Apr 2023
Beyond World Earth Day 2023: Climate change threatens the well-being of South African children.

In South Africa, children and young people face a grave and often overlooked threat from the devastating impacts of climate change. According to a recent report by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), titled The Climate Crisis Is a Child’s Rights Crisis: Introducing the Children’s Climate Risk Index (2021), South African children are among the most vulnerable to the ravages of the climate crisis. Very young children, in particular, are at risk of suffering disproportionately from harsh weather conditions, water scarcity, and the pollution of soil, air, and water.

20 Apr 2023
BaBonise Play Challenge Terms and Conditions


12 Apr 2023
#DoMore4Hammarsdale Newsletter: April 2023

#DoMore4Hammarsdale Newsletter: April 2023

11 Apr 2023


03 Apr 2023

South Africa currently faces extreme economic hardships, such as unemployment and poverty. Unfortunately, these challenges breed other obstacles like drug abuse, gender-based violence, and increased criminal activity in the poorest communities in the country. Yet, despite the difficulties they face, women are courageously working to break the cycle of poverty through formal and informal businesses in their communities. According to The Commission on the Status of Women in South Africa, of the 51% total woman population in the country, 45% of them are active participants in the economy.