A Powerful Partnership Results in 4 Million Meals

A Powerful Partnership Results in 4 Million Meals

16 May 2023


According to the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity group (PMBEJD), approximately 30.4 million people in South Africa live below the old upper-bound poverty line of R1,335. The group estimates that 13.8 million people live below the food poverty line. Given the rising cost of food, many families, including those with young children, are going hungry.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION would like to see fewer young children and their families experiencing hunger. Nutrition support in the form of fortified DO MORE porridge has enabled thousands of children to access this meal through the thousands of ECD programmes that the Foundation supports.

Through its feeding initiative Add Hope, KFC and its customers provide hope for a better future where children can thrive all the way to adulthood by consuming good nutrition. KFC’s contributions, combined with R2 donations from its customers, are what make up this initiative that provides 30 million nutritious meals to children throughout South Africa. Proceeds raised through Add Hope go directly to non-profit organisations (NPOs) that focus on ending childhood hunger.

Over the last year, we were fortunate to be the beneficiary of a pilot with Add Hope. Given our successful pilot, we are excited to share that Add Hope will be investing in ongoing feeding, supporting close to 20,000 young children monthly who will receive a bowl of DO MORE Porridge every school day when they attend Early Childhood Development Centres or playgroups nationally. This translates to 4 million meals a year, which ensures that the children are not hungry and they can focus - fuelling them to grow, learn, and play.

Through this ongoing partnership with Add Hope, we are contributing towards a few of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), namely number two - alleviating hunger as well as number three - good health and well-being (given that the DO MORE Porridge was formulated by public health experts to meet the nutritional needs of young children between 3 and five years old).