Disaster relief: KZN & Gauteng Riots (July 2021)

Disaster relief: KZN & Gauteng Riots (July 2021)

20 Jul 2021


The South African provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng have been severely affected by large scale violent riots and looting that has taken place. The violence, destruction and looting disrupted major logistics networks and transportation routes for essential goods such as food, medicine, fuel and has left young children isolated without access to these essential goods.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION has a team of staff, volunteers and various disaster relief partners working together to co-ordinate the distribution of essential resources in an efficient and equitable manner. The Foundation also has access to DoMore porridge and other essential food items (provided through its founder RCL FOODS and transported by Vector Logistics) to reach affected communities.

Currently we are focusing our efforts on meeting the immediate needs of young children and families affected in these provinces whilst they do not have access to essential resources. In the long term, this project will be supporting Early Childhood Development programmes whilst they build back to provide daily essential services to young children in these vulnerable communities (including daily meals, stimulation, and protection).

The Foundation has already provided over 1,020 gratitude boxes to the early childhood development (ECD) sector (as part of their Mandela Day response); provided DoMore porridge to young children at Hammarsdale ECD centres feeding over 1,300 children on a daily basis; the organisation has already distributed DoMore porridge to areas in Northern KZN that were effected by violence and has already delivered 4 trucks of Mielie Meal (100 tons) to its partners on the ground (SA Harvest, FoodForwardSA and Gift of the Givers) who will ensure the product reaches the affected areas in KZN.

If you are a business and would like to work with us, please contact Iris.Naidoo@domore.org.za