Meet our Newest Distribution Partner: Golang-Kulani ELC

Meet our Newest Distribution Partner: Golang-Kulani ELC

09 Oct 2023


Golang-Kulani Early Learning Centre (ELC) in Tzaneen has recently joined as our newest distribution partner for DO MORE porridge, designated as a Resource & Training Organisation (RTO). This exciting partnership has allowed us to provide nourishing meals to the children in the Sunbake community area, benefitting over 500 children in Tzaneen.

At the helm of Golang-Kulani is the dynamic Margareth Letsoalo and her dedicated team, who passionately work towards providing essential nutrition to young children. We had the opportunity to connect with Margaret and the Golang-Kulani team to delve deeper into their mission, which revolves around the mantra of "To provide quality Early Childhood Education and Care." Their dedication and efforts align seamlessly with our goals to ensure that children receive the necessary nourishment and education for a brighter future.

Margaret Letsoalo is affiliated with Golang-Kulani ELC, an Early Childhood Development (ECD) training organization located in Tzaneen, Limpopo Province. Established in 2000 and accredited with Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA), the organization offers various ECD programs and services including: ECD unit standard-based babies and toddlers’ programs, ECD Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC) Level 4 Qualifications, Job creation through the Expanded Public Works Programme: Non-State Sector Overview (EPWP NSS), After School care children play groups, ECD demonstration Centre facilitations, Nutrition programs for 18 ECD Unregistered, registered, and unsubsidized children playgroups – just to name a few.

Margaret Letsoalo has been involved in the ECD sector since 1986, starting as an ECD Practitioner and later becoming a Principal of Reholegile Child Dev Centre, ECD Trainer, Assessor, and Moderator at Golang-Kulani ELC. She is the founder and director of the organization since its re-establishment in 2000. The organization has established ECD support groups, networks with numerous ECD centres, assisted in the creation of ECD centres, OVC Drop-in Centres, and children playgroups. They are also affiliated members of various ECD-related organizations and have participated in national and international ECD initiatives. The beneficiaries of Golang-Kulani ELC include ECD Practitioners, parents and caregivers participating in parenting programs, ECD centres (both registered and non-registered), individuals involved in job creation through IDT EPWP NSS, beneficiaries of the Family Economic Strengthening program, and after-school care children.

Margaret Letsoalo and her organization have recently partnered with DO MORE, and they find the partnership beneficial. They have received porridge from DO MORE to distribute in areas in need. This partnership is helping them provide breakfast to children who previously had difficulty accessing it. It is also strengthening their relationships with parents and stakeholders and enhancing their programs. They are excited about the partnership and look forward to its growth.