MUIR FOUNDATION: Doing More for Pongola and Hammarsdale in 2023

MUIR FOUNDATION: Doing More for Pongola and Hammarsdale in 2023.

31 Aug 2023


The #DoMore4Pongola project started from humble beginnings in 2020 supplying DO MORE porridge to 20 ECD centres in Pongola during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the DO MORE FOUNDATION has embarked on a long-term strategy to support as many young children as possible across the municipality.

In Pongola, the Department of Health (DOH) reports malnutrition to be the biggest threat to young children in the area. The first phase of funding from the Muir Foundation supported 32 ECD Centres reaching 1455 children and that number has increased to 35 ECD Centres with a nutritious breakfast meal of Do More porridge fed to the children daily, whilst they attend ECD programs in Pongola.

As a result of the Muir Foundation’s generous contribution received for the period F22/23, the 35 ECD centres have been supported with over 20 tons of DO MORE porridge - providing 416,600 meals for this funding period. Furthermore, these meals have reached over 1,750 young children. The DO MORE Porridge support to the Pongola Community has seen an increase in ECD program attendance. More parents from this vulnerable community appreciate the support, knowing their children will at least get one nutritious meal. Feedback from the ECD principals and practitioners has been much appreciated, recognising that this support has enabled them to keep their learning centres running while continuing to nurture and stimulate young minds.

In addition, the EAT LOVE PLAY TALK (ELPT) programme will be implemented in our KZN focus areas of Pongola and Hammarsdale through 9 ECD Centres. ELPT aims to build ECD practitioners’ and parents and other primary caregivers’ food and nutrition literacy, health, and hygiene practices, responsive caregiving, and early learning through play. The Muir Foundation will be funding the porridge component of ELPT in both areas, where the programme will reach 450 children as well as support 234 Caregivers/Parents through 7 sessions.

Andrew Turner, of the Muir Foundation, has said: “The Muir Foundation values the infrastructure and backbone role that the DO MORE FOUNDATION can play in making sure that charitable funds are effectively deployed. This is particularly so in the Pongola area where cases of starvation amongst young children have been reported.”

We wish to thank the Muir Foundation, on behalf of all the young children in the communities we serve, for the contribution they continue to make in improving the lives and the areas in which the young children reside.