Our Township Economy Programme

Our Township Economy Programme

25 Aug 2022


The DO MORE FOUNDATION, founded by RCL Foods, has partnered with progressive organisations that assist small businesses and budding entrepreneurs to launch, grow, manage and sustain viable businesses. Our project partners, including Rainbow Chicken, The Association for Persons with Disabilities, Niya Consulting, eThekwini USE-IT, CHEP and Ackermans have assisted this project through:

Financial assistance and support Guidance on setting up effective structures Optimizing workflow processes to provide a solid foundation for the future growth of the businesses. This Enterprise Development model enables us to provide the needed assistance to small businesses, which are vital in creating employment, improving the standard of living, increasing productivity, and achieving inclusive economic growth and social cohesion.

Township Economy objectives:

  • Develop and implement strategies to assist enterprises in building their organization and leading the market through innovative and effective mechanisms.
  • Assists entrepreneurs to commercialise their innovative business ideas into thriving businesses through infrastructural support, business mentorship, prototype development, training, business processes, market analysis, fundraising, institutional support, market linkages, and business operations.
  • Provides client Start-ups and SMMEs with a platform to manage their processes effectively through best practices, building business incubators, and staying abreast with ongoing changes in the sector landscape for sustainable future economies.
  • Analyse enterprises needs through a holistic approach, developing comprehensive and integrated interventions, to best manage the intricate relationship between stakeholders and The Do More Foundation to reduce risk.
  • To design and implement Business Enterprises (Incubation) that are innovative and forward-thinking.
  • Development of effective Programmes that are aligned to community and industry needs.
  • By analysing available data and mapping market trends, we assist clients in developing an effective strategy to optimise business processes across all levels of the organization.

How we do it:

Our approach is to work with beneficiaries to use local resources in their community to create businesses. It is a model to end extreme poverty by lifting a new generation of entrepreneurs. The ready-to-deliver entrepreneurship training program builds confidence and provides practical business skills, where we meet beneficiaries regardless of education or income level and help them discover the leader within.

The approach is done as follows:

Sustainable Business Approach- implement an exit strategy

  • Hopeful stories- beneficiaries sharing their journey
  • Working in partnership- clear implementation; diversity of strength and defined MOUs
  • Economic Linkages- access to market
  • Social Impact- evidence programmes and poverty reduction

How many beneficiaries are impacted monthly?

The DO MORE FOUNDATION township economy programme is run over a 12-month period. In the 2021/2022 period, the programme impacted over 33 enterprises and 132 beneficiaries, indirectly through their dependants. With these 33 enterprises, we were able to assess who is ‘investment ready’ to upscale their business. This is based on their commitment and milestones achieved by the entities on the business coaching and mentoring that we provide, as well as their sales revenue.

Please contact Iris Naidoo at iris.Naidoo@domore.org.za to learn more about the Programme.