Press release: Mandela Day 2022

Press release: Mandela Day 2022

22 Jul 2022


DO MORE FOUNDATION collaborates with corporate South Africa and employee volunteers to uplift local Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in the weeks leading up to Mandela Day 2022.

At the DO MORE FOUNDATION, we believe that investing in Early Childhood Development (ECD) will change the trajectory of our country. Children with quality early childhood education opportunities have a higher chance of being successful in their academic and professional futures. In one study, children from disadvantaged communities who participated in quality early intervention programmes earned up to 25% more than those who didn’t have quality education. This serves as a great example of how our nation’s economic growth can be boosted by investment in ECD programmes that lift children up and out of the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

This Mandela Day, the DO MORE FOUNDATION launched a national campaign with 14 business partners and more than 100 volunteers to provide mini-infrastructure upgrades to ECD centres that work continuously to provide safe learning environments for young children living in impoverished areas. Over the past few weeks, volunteers from RCL FOODS and First National Bank sought out and conducted needs assessments at local ECD centres across the country to identify gaps that need to be filled.

Over 1,000 young children will benefit from the campaign across 25 ECD centres in 8 provinces.

Iris Naidoo, Partnerships Manager at the DO MORE FOUNDATION, explains, “Early Childhood Development centres in South Africa do more than just provide early education for young children. They also provide safety, supervision, and nutrition – without which many of these families and children would struggle. It is imperative that we support ECD centres to enable them to provide these services.”

For more information or to partner on this campaign, please contact or look out for communications on the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s social media platforms.

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