The Township Economy Shark Tank

The Township Economy Shark Tank

30 Nov 2023


On the 20th of July, a thrilling preliminary Shark Tank event took place at USE-IT in Hammarsdale. 18 of 20 aspiring entrepreneurs showcased their innovative business ideas to a panel of esteemed judges.

The concept of “Shark Tank” is a platform where entrepreneurs from all walks of life present their groundbreaking ideas, hoping to strike a deal with our panel of shrewd and seasoned judges, known as the "Sharks." These accomplished judges have amassed massive amounts of knowledge through their own business ventures. These judges, accomplished in their own business ventures, bring substantial knowledge to the table. The entrepreneurs face the challenge of persuading the Sharks that their product or service has the potential to disrupt industries, attract consumers, and yield impressive returns. In this high-stakes game, entrepreneurs are tasked with convincing the Sharks that their product or service has the potential to disrupt industries, captivate consumers, and generate impressive returns. Contestants had the opportunity to pitch their ventures, seeking potential investments from the panelists to turn their dreams into reality.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and enthusiasm as the entrepreneurs presented their projects and vied for a chance to move forward in the competition. As each contestant passionately showcased their business ideas, the judges faced the challenging task of selecting the most promising ventures to proceed to the next round. The event not only provided a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs but also showcased the remarkable talent and potential within Hammarsdale's business landscape.

The judging panel comprised of esteemed members from DMF, Niya Consulting and Rainbow Chicken. The collective expertise and industry knowledge added immense value to the event, providing valuable insights and feedback to the participating entrepreneurs. The presence of such judges served as a testament to the significance of the Shark Tank competition and its potential to shape the future of businesses in the region.

8 finalists were chosen to participate in the final round that took place on 23 August. From those finalists, the results were announced, confirming 8 winners who’d go on to win a share of R200 000.

We look forward to this event growing in stature in the future!