Vector Logistics Linbro Park Joins Forces with DO MORE FOUNDATION to Nourish Alexandra's Young Minds.

Vector Logistics Linbro Park Joins Forces with DO MORE FOUNDATION to Nourish Alexandra's Young Minds.

28 Aug 2023


In a team effort to make a positive impact in the community, Vector Logistics (Linbro Park) has teamed up with the DO MORE FOUNDATION to provide much-needed support to ECD centres in Alexandra. This collaboration will distribute 600kg’s of nutritious Do More porridge to young children attending ECD centres in the area every month, in an effort to boost their early development. With the involvement of Advancing Children for Success (ACFS) Community Education and Feeding Scheme, a non-profit resource and training organization, and the dedication of Vector Logistics employees, this partnership promises to benefit the ECD centre staff and the 548young children they serve in Alexandra.

Siphiwe Mgandela, an HR Business Partner at Vector Logistics involved in the project, expressed the importance of giving back to the community and living up to the ethos of "doing more." The commitment to support the less fortunate and positively impact their lives resonates deeply within the company and its employees.

The ECD Census of 2021 revealed that 56.7% of ECD centres in Alexandra rely on feeding programs like this one for the meals children consume. While the majority of centres are open five days a week, a staggering 80% of them remain unregistered, and only 16% receive government subsidies. These statistics underscore the urgent need for initiatives like the one undertaken by Vector Logistics and DO MORE FOUNDATION. Choosing Alexandra as the focus area for this initiative was a thoughtful decision by DO MORE FOUNDATION and Vector Logistics Linbro Park. Being the closest business park to the community, a common vision was created to partner and extend a helping hand to the children of Alexandra. Siphiwe shared that “The initiative aligns perfectly with the company's values, as many of their employees and those of their service providers call the township their home.”

The collaboration with the DO MORE FOUNDATION adds immense value to the Vector Logistics Management team and its employees. By investing their time and resources in this feeding program, they reinforce their commitment to going beyond their business operations and making a meaningful contribution to society. The act of giving back and actively participating in the program empowers the team, fostering a culture of compassion, empathy, and collective responsibility

As part of the collective work in Alexandra, ACFS, a non-profit organization, plays a crucial role by offering training to the ECD centre staff involved in the initiative. Training and resource support empowers the centres to provide better care and support to the children, enhancing their overall development and well-being.

The collaboration between Vector Logistics and DO MORE FOUNDATION demonstrates the power of partnerships and collective action in creating a positive impact on the lives of young children and families in Alexandra. By joining forces with ACFS, the initiative not only addresses the immediate need for nutritious meals but also invests in the training and development of ECD centres, paving the way for a brighter future for the community.

As the program unfolds, it serves as a testament to the potential for businesses and non-profits to come together, uplift communities, and create a lasting difference in the lives of those they touch. Through such dedicated efforts, we can strive to build a more equitable and caring society, where partnerships and collaboration are key to a thriving community.