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21 Dec 2022

This year was punctuated with devastating events that affected young children and their families, but as an organisation whose vision is “to create better tomorrows for South Africa’s young children”, it was incumbent on us to #DoMore.

13 Dec 2022
Real Reform for Early Childhood Development (#RR4ECD)

Over the past two years, the DO MORE FOUNDATION has been a proud active member of Real Reform for Early Childhood Development (#RR4ECD) – a democratic movement advocating for holistic, well-funded, inclusive and quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) services for all of South Africa’s young children.

01 Dec 2022
Our role as a backbone organisation

Since 2019, the DO MORE FOUNDATION (founded by RCL Foods) has come to formally identify itself as a Backbone Support Organisation within a Collective Impact framework. We believe in the importance of working in collaborative partnerships with key public and private stakeholders to meet the needs of young children as set out in South Africa’s National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy.

01 Dec 2022

Every year, the Rainbow team in Worcester hosts a Rainbow Suppliers Charity Golf Day in support of the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s work with young children in the surrounding communities of Worcester.

29 Nov 2022
Making healthy food choices easier in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector

Since childhood is the most important developmental stage of life, eliminating all forms of malnutrition in children is the ultimate goal, and Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in South Africa are at the core of supplying healthy nutrition to children. The DO MORE FOUNDATION, founded by RCL Foods, has endeavored to proactively tackle the malnutrition issues in South Africa by activating the power of those who care for young children. “We recognise the importance of nutrition and the vital role that ECD centre principals, in tandem with parents and teachers, need to fulfil in ensuring good nutrition in these developmental years” – Dr Jessica Ronaasen, National Programmes Lead at the DO MORE FOUNDATION.

24 Nov 2022
#DoMore4Pongola Newsletter: November 2022