Buckman: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs for a Prosperous Hammarsdale

Buckman: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs for a Prosperous Hammarsdale

18 Apr 2024


Buckman Africa is taking a long-term investment approach to its Socio-Economic Development (SED) to build a brighter future for some of its closest neighbours - the people of Hammarsdale.

Being a company connected to the people in and beyond its site, Buckman understands the complexity of the social development landscape in South Africa. It sees a community as an interconnected ecosystem with specific ongoing needs rather than simply a location for a once-off hand-out.

Hammarsdale is a township 50kms west of Durban, and the place where Buckman operates its business and invests its SED budget. It understands the important role strong partnerships play in making their SED do more for those that need truly meaningful, long-term change the most in Hammarsdale.

Through its partnership with the DO MORE FOUNDATION, Buckman is part of making this change happen through the Township Economy Programme in Hammarsdale. This programme places enterprise development as the key driver of change in communities that experience high rates of poverty and unemployment.

By continuing to fund the Township Economy Programme in 2023, Buckman supported the professional development of another 20 young women in Hammarsdale through comprehensive business training and practical upskilling – provided by our implementing partner Niya Consulting – needed to run a successful SMME. These women are given the opportunity to build a sustainable livelihood, support their families and the broader community; with each woman having five dependents, the total number of indirect beneficiaries is 100.

Buckman Africa’s General Manager, Rolf Breidenbach: “At Buckman our SED mission is all about empowering and uplifting our local community for long-term sustainability. Teaming up with the DO MORE FOUNDATION through the Township Economy Programme allows us to make a real difference in people's lives. Being involved end to end gives us the chance to see the tangible results firsthand and the smiles on people’s faces when something meaningful is achieved.”

Balungile Hadebe is the business owner of Beah Foot and Body Massage and a candidate from last year’s Township Economy Programme. Balungile’s business acumen has grown significantly as has the success of her business: “There are a lot of things that have changed since I have joined this program. I'm living the life that I want, and I have fulfilled a life-long dream. Whatever I do, the success and prosperity of my business comes first. Now that I know what business really is, I know that I must save money and do things professionally.”

By spending its SED deeply rather than broadly, Buckman has been part of helping women like Balungile become long-term stakeholders with sustained livelihoods rather than just once-off beneficiaries. This focused approach has helped to first consolidate and then expand impact in strategic areas of enterprise development for communities where the Foundation and our implementing partners work.

Contact our Partnerships Team to work with us to create better tomorrows for South Africa’s young children, their families and communities: iris.naidoo@domore.org.za