The DO MORE FOUNDATION joins South Africa Parent Programme Implementers Network

The DO MORE FOUNDATION joins South Africa Parent Programme Implementers Network

19 Jan 2024


We are thrilled to share that not only did the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s own implementation network grow last year, the Foundation was also accepted and is now a registered member of SAPPIN, the South African Parenting Programme Implementers Network. This well-established network of 14 civil society organisations from across the country works to develop and implement high-quality parenting/caregiver progammes built on evidence-based, community-driven research. The specific focus of the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s membership is our EAT LOVE PLAY TALK (ELPT) parent education programme, which packages public health messaging in a meaningful and practical way for ECD principals and practitioners to engage with parents/caregivers of young children.

Conversations and activities follow the themes of food- and nutrition literacy, health and hygiene practices, responsive parenting/caregiving, and early learning through play. ELPT was developed in response to poor nutrition, learning and development outcomes for young children in South Africa, and is aligned to the goals of the Nurturing Care Framework for Early Childhood Development and the Department of Health guidelines and policies. The ELPT programme was developed and launched two years ago by our National Programmes Lead, Dr Jessica Ronaasen. Jessica is the Foundation’s representative in SAPPIN:

“Looking back at how far ELPT has come in a short time, joining the network is such confirmation that locally-driven, contextual dialogue is impacting communities. SAPPIN membership was a big goal for us in 2024 and having achieved it adds to the credibility, rigor and impact of ELPT. It supports the programme’s scalability by sharing it with NPO/NGOs and we look forward to seeing how the network can be of value to our partners.”

Alignment with SAPPIN principles

The DO MORE FOUNDATION, and specifically the ELPT programme, was accepted into SAPPIN due to our alignment with the network’s seven core principles: Principle 1 - The parenting programmes of SAPPIN members promote warm and non-violent family relationships by focusing on optimal child development, responsive caregiving and strong parent/caregiver-child attachment, effective communication skills, nutrition messaging and positive role models.

Principle 2 - SAPPIN members are guided by an ethos of collaboration and learning amongst themselves and also with stakeholders.

Principle 3 - Quality programmes are informed by evidence-based research and occur within a community-specific basket of services, and measured through monitoring and evaluation, and meaningful and reflective supervision.

Principle 4 - Parenting programmes are informed by and sensitive to relevant social cultural and religious practices.

Principle 5 - All programmes apply ethical and respectful practices of implementation and research with regard to beneficiaries and staff.

Principle 6 - SAPPIN members are registered, legal, compliant entities in SA and have child protection and safeguarding policies in place.

New opportunities for ELPT to scale out

As we move forward into ELPT’s third year, we look to build on its successes, grow from shared learnings, and work with purpose-aligned organisations that help us create brighter futures for South Africa’s young children. Part of achieving this through SAPPIN is participating in practice-based knowledge-sharing opportunities as well as its annual Families Indaba, which also celebrates its third year in 2024.

Last year’s indaba was held in October under the theme Parenting for Social Impact: How can Support for Families Impact Social Change? and attended by 200 participants. The DO MORE FOUNDATION looks forward to partnering in this year’s SAPPIN initiatives and events.

We are excited to be making our knowledge deeper and richer not only by making our own circle bigger, but by also joining other circles. Watch this space for updates on our work within and through SAPPIN.

Implementation partners include LIMA Rural Development, Lulamaphiko, New Beginnings, Khululeka and the Early Care Foundation. Investment partners include the JD Group, RCL FOODS and The Mandela Rhodes Foundation.